Planned works in the server room – 23/24.10.2023


On the night of October 23-24, 2023 (Monday/Tuesday), after midnight, planned works related to the network infrastructure will be carried out in the server room.
Servers may be unavailable for approximately 30 minutes

UPDATE: work was completed on 00:06, it took about 4 minutes.

Planned works on the s48 server – 8.09.2023


On the night of September 7/8, 2023 (Thursday/Friday), after midnight, the planned works will be carried out on the s48 server.
The work will take about 30 minutes, during which time the s48 server will be unavailable.

Ddos attack on s38,s45,l3 servers


On August 24, 2023 (Thursday), around 8 am, a massive attack began on several of our servers (s38,s45,l3).

According to the information received from CERT Orange Polska, the attack is most likely carried out by a Russian hacking group “NoName075” that most often attacks the infrastructure of NATO countries.

The attack is very dispersed and comes from almost all over the world, most often from the VPN anonymization network via the http/https protocol with user agent Go-http-client/1.1

Incoming traffic is filtered all the time, our administrators are constantly working and blocking addresses from which the attack is carried out.

Our servers work properly, however, due to the very large number of connections from a large number of ip addresses, access to the website may be temporarily slightly difficult despite the actions we perform.

Update: The main attack on the servers ended on August 26, 2023 around 5:55 am after almost 46 hours.
Throughout the entire period of the attack, our anti-ddos system and administrators were watching to ensure that the servers works properly.

Scheduled work on s48 server – 9.08.2022


Tomorrow night, August 9, 2022 (Monday / Tuesday) after midnight, the planned works will be carried out on the s48 server. The server will be unavailable for about 20 minutes.

Planned server restarts


Starting from July 31, 2020, we plan to perform planned restarts of all our hosting servers. All servers will be restarted on the following days in the night service window, always after 23:00.

The downtime of each server should not exceed 10-12 minutes.

The purpose of the restart is to verify the correct operation of the server during start-up under controlled conditions – it is related to the fact that many servers have been operating continuously for several hundred days.

Scheduled work on servers – 5.06.2020


Tomorrow night, June 5, 2020 (Friday / Saturday) after 23:00, the planned works will be carried out on the servers: S27, S28, S29, S33, and L1. Each server will be unavailable for about 20-25 minutes in the hourly range: 23:00 – 2:00.