Hosting package res-200-300


,00 €
net, monthly
  • Storage: 300 GB
  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Domains: unlimited
  • Full accounts separation
  • Servers in Europe
  • Customers cPanel accounts: 200
  • PHP version changeable by the user
  • Anti-Exploit system
  • Free SSL certificate for all domains
  • Every account on SSD

Reseller hosting is a service that allows the reseller access to server resources, which he can independently share and resell to his customers.
Access applies to placing at the disposal of:
server management system (WHM) - the ability to define your own hosting packages (capacity, transfer, domains, e-mails, databases, etc.);
hosting management panel (cPanel) - each reseller's customer receives their own panel (which may have own reseller settings, e.g. logo or colors).
The basic features of the reseller hosting package are:
number of customer accounts (separate cpanel accounts)
capacity (real used capacity , not this allocated in customer packages)

Storage 300 GB
Bandwidth unlimited
Domains unlimited
Full accounts separation
Servers in Europe
Customers cPanel accounts 200
MySQL databases unlimited
PostgreSQL databases unlimited
E-mail accounts unlimited
PHP versions: 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
PHP version changeable by the user
Anti-Exploit system
Free SSL certificate for all domains
Hosting Panel: panel zarządzania hostingiem cPanel 11 EN
Yearly uptime 99,9%
Own company logo
Individual hosting plans for each customer
Individual hosting limits for each account
Every account on SSD
CloudLinux System
Cron access
DNS Zone Editor
Error Pages
Technical Support
Cena miesięczna netto:
,00 €
Annual price is permanent.
Renewal price of the hosting plan will be the same every year.
Basic hosting features

Full separation of customer accounts. Basic feature of reseller account is the ability to create a separate cPanel account for each reseller customer. Each account is completely separated from the others and the highest security standards are maintained.
Branding: reseller own logo in the panel. Reseller hosting is offered in the "white label" model, which means that the reseller's client doesn't have any signs of our hosting in the panel. Each reseller can upload his own graphics - so his customers will see the reseller's logo in their cPanel panels.
Everything on SSD disks. The speed and stability of the service is important. That is why we do not use any other data carriers than SSDs. We have ALL customer data on fast SSD disks.
Large capacity. Each of our reseller clients can choose packages on their own preferences - depending on whether they need many separate cPanel accounts or whether they want a large account capacity. Regardless of the choice, we always count the real disk space used, not that declared in the reseller's customer packages.
Independent limits for each account. In reseller accounts, it is important how the parameters on the accounts are defined. We do not allocate resources at the "reseller" level (eg, 20% of CPU resources, etc.). Our parameters are defined at the level of individual accounts assumed by the reseller.
Excellent technical support. Resellers also sometimes need technical advice - we are there for them. Our main contact channel is on-line chat: we pick it up within seconds. Support is provided by experienced administrators who can answer even complex technical questions. We are also available by phone and e-mail.
Servers in Poland. All our servers are located in our own server room in Poland. The server room is connected by multiple fiber optic links to major internet providers (both Polish and foreign links) and to traffic exchange nodes in Warsaw and Katowice.
Automatic and free backup for all accounts. The reseller account and all accounts set up by the reseller are managed by our administrators. A full backup of all accounts every night is therefore a standard. Each of the reseller's clients can also independently restore any files or folders from a backup from any day - up to 7 days back. The ability to restore copies yourself is convenient and free.
Anti-exploit system. All hosting accounts, including reseller customer accounts, are protected by a unique anti-exploit system. Each file uploaded to the server is checked on the fly for harmful content. The database contains several thousand known exploits. If malicious code is detected, the uploaded file is blocked and the administrator receives a notification. In the case of reseller accounts, notifications are sent to the reseller so that he can pass this information to his client.
Like a dedicated server. Reseller hosting is often compared to dedicated hosting. In fact, reseller hosting has most of the features of a classic dedicated server that you buy for classic hosting. However, when you buy reseller hosting, you get a completely configured server. You do not have to pay an administrator, you do not have to buy, configure and update the management panel (cPanel), you do not have to worry about backing up or buying additional software (the reseller receives, i.a., an autoinstaller for over 400 applications). Reseller hosting is also cheaper than dedicated hosting.

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